Navigating a clinical rotation is an exciting experience for many young physical therapy students as they look to complete their education and begin their career as a physical therapist. Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands are passionate about developing exceptional clinicians across the nation. The clinical rotation is one important component of helping new clinicians gain valuable experience with a diverse set of patients and in a variety of clinical settings.

Upstream Rehabilitation is proud to work with universities and physical therapy programs across the country to provide exceptional clinical rotations. Learn more about how we help to develop exceptional clinicians through our clinical rotations at our nationwide clinics.

Diverse Patient Population

One of the many benefits of completing a clinical rotation experience with Upstream Rehabilitation is that you’ll have the opportunity to work with and treat a diverse patient population. You’ll get hands-on experience working with patients of all ages at one of our outpatient clinics and can interact with patients who are seeking treatment for a variety of conditions. The diverse patient population you’ll have an opportunity to interact with will help you advance your clinical skill set and help prepare you as a clinician in the physical therapy industry.

In addition, we have a large number of board-certified specialists including OCS, SCS, GCS, NCS, ECS, as well as other certifications such as Pelvic Health, Residency, and Fellowship trained clinicians in Vestibular, Lymphedema, Hand Therapy, and Manual therapy. If you’re looking to pursue a specialty area, we provide an opportunity for you to pursue it.

Regional Grand Rounds

Students with rotations at Upstream Rehabilitation participate in Grand Round sessions, held in person and virtually across the organization throughout the year. Grand Rounds provide students with a unique opportunity to practice clinical skills and discuss best practices in a collaborative setting alongside other students in the region. Lead by a senior therapist, these rounds elevate the student experience and ensures all students receive dedicated mentorship. This is just a small part of the investment Upstream places in training its future cohorts of professionals.

Develop Proficiencies to Prepare for Entry-Level Abilities

As part of the clinical rotation experience, you’ll also work to build your confidence and proficiencies to help you prepare as an entry-level clinician when you graduate. This means helping you develop skilled clinical reasoning and hands-on skill development informed by best evidence knowledge.

Gain Access to Teleconferences and Continuing Education

Another fantastic benefit to participating in a clinical rotation with Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands is that you’ll have the ability to gain access to teleconferences and continuing education opportunities. As part of our pursuit to develop world-class clinicians, we understand the value in having access to high-quality post-professional education. Upstream Rehabilitation has expert faculty and innovative delivery methods to help you stay up to date with clinical innovations and continue your education beyond the classroom . We also host monthly virtual in services on global topics including pelvic health, hand therapy, as well as Up2Date – our journal club. It’s all free for students currently on a clinical rotation with Upstream Rehabilitation.

A clinical rotation experience with Upstream Rehabilitation means that you’ll have the opportunity to be eligible for continuing education courses through IAMT. First and second-year students can enroll at a 20% discount and third-year students get one class for free.

Utilize New Technology and Care Models

Technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in the ability to identify, care for, and monitor patients throughout various stages of treatment. At Upstream Rehabilitation, we’re passionate about evaluating and utilizing new technology to improve our ability to care for patients. During a clinical rotation with Upstream Rehabilitation, students may have the opportunity to get hands-on experience using some cutting edge technology, equipment, or tools that are helping to improve our ability to provide exceptional care and improve outcomes.

Some exciting technology that we’re implementing at Upstream Rehabilitation include the Sparta Science force plate technology, Figur8 wearable sensors, telehealth to improve access nationwide, and more.

In addition to the utilization of new technology, Upstream is also passionate about testing out and embracing innovation for care models.

Students Love Their Clinical Rotation Experience with Upstream

Students who have gone through our clinical rotation experience overwhelmingly enjoyed their time at one of our outpatient clinics. In a recent survey, we polled students about their clinical experience and the overwhelming response was that they were satisfied or highly satisfied with their recent rotation.

Some great feedback we collected included comments like, “This was my part-time clinical and it was such a great learning opportunity,” and “My CI provided a great experience for my first rotation that helped me gain clinical experience and refine my skills. The environment at the clinic always promoted and encouraged learning. I would recommend my CI and this [clinical] site to future students as I value the knowledge and experience I have gained.”

Read more of the clinical rotation testimonials from the survey here.

Learn More About a Clinical Rotation Experience with Upstream Rehabilitation

Are you a student looking to learn more about how you can participate in a clinical rotation at one of Upstream Rehabilitation’s clinics or a school contact interested in setting up your students for success? If so, you can contact our student programs team to learn more about our clinical rotation experience or visit our student resource center. You can also connect with our student programs team directly at: .

Contact our team and learn more about setting up a clinical affiliation to ensure that your students have an exceptional clinical rotation experience with Upstream Rehabilitation.


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