At Upstream Rehabilitation, we’re passionate about doing our part in helping educate and prepare the next great set of clinicians every single year. Across Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands, we proudly partner with universities and school programs across the nation to help develop and provide in-clinic experience for physical therapy and occupational therapy students. In 2023, we’ll have close to 2,000 students who participate in a clinical rotation with Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands.

Take a look at some encouraging responses from our student exit survey and see why you should consider Upstream Rehabilitation for your next clinical rotation or partner with our family of brands to ensure your students are set up for success as they gain real-world clinical experience.

100% Satisfaction Survey Results

As part of our ongoing efforts to evaluate our student programs and ensure that we’re providing an exceptional clinical training and observation experience, we surveyed students in our Atlanta market. We’re proud to say that of those who answered the survey, we had a 100% satisfied response rating based on their recent clinical observation .

In the survey, we polled a diverse range of students who represented a variety of universities to gauge several important metrics including what academic year their rotation occurred in, how engaged they felt their clinical instructor was, their perception of the student caseload, whether they’d recommend an Upstream Rehabilitation clinical rotation to a classmate, and then additional feedback they’d be willing to provide.

Clinical Instructor Communication and Supervision

This question evaluated whether or not the student felt like their clinical instructor was an effective communicator and provide adequate supervision throughout their clinical experience. Of those surveyed, all answered that they Agreed or Strongly Agreed that their CI was an effective communicator and provided supervision throughout their rotation.

Clinical Instructor Engagement

Another important aspect of the survey evaluated whether or not students felt like their clinical instructors were engaged throughout the duration of their rotation. All respondents answered Agreed or Strongly Agreed.

All Respondents Would Recommend Upstream to a Classmate

100% of the survey respondents said that they would recommend an Upstream Rehabilitation clinical rotation to one of their fellow classmates.

Overall Student Observation and Clinical Rotation Satisfaction Level

The most important question asked on the survey was whether or not students enjoyed their entire experience. Of those surveyed, all students answered that they were more than satisfied or highly satisfied with their clinical rotation.

Testimonials and Additional Feedback

We also had the opportunity to collect testimonials from the students and gain some additional feedback as part of the survey. Take a look at some of their positive comments and feedback about their clinical rotation experience with Upstream Rehabilitation.

  • “This was my part-time clinical and it was such a great learning opportunity.”
  • “I gained extensive knowledge and confidence, not only as a student, but as a soon-to-be clinician.”
  • “I found that working with my CI was very beneficial to my learning as a student in my first clinical rotation. My confidence in a clinical setting has grown drastically since working in this clinic and I have gotten to make a lot of connections between content from the classroom and real-life clinical experience.”
  • “I enjoyed my time with Upstream during my clinicals. [My CI] did a phenomenal job. I learned a lot and grew in my efficiency during evals. My CI was very encouraging, motivating, and knowledgeable.”
  • “This rotation made me appreciate Upstream for the great company it is. My CI especially was very attentive to all patient needs.”
  • “My CI provided a great experience for my first rotation that helped me gain clinical experience and refine my skills. The environment at the clinic always promoted and encouraged learning. I would recommend my CI and this [clinical] site to future students as I value the knowledge and experience I have gained.”

We love seeing that our students had such a positive experience throughout their clinical rotation with Upstream Rehabilitation.

Exceptional Clinical Rotation Experience

At Upstream Rehabilitation, we strive to provide our students with the best manual therapy, outpatient, and orthopedic affiliation available. Through structured Grand Rounds that are led by highly-trained clinicians, students will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one time with clinical instructors and therapists.

When your student participates in a clinical rotation experience with Upstream Rehabilitation, they’ll have the opportunity to treat a diverse patient population, engage in regional grand rounds, develop proficiencies to prepare for entry-level abilities, gain access to teleconferences/continuing education, and more. Through our robust clinical experience for your students, we focus on providing superior clinical training to ensure that your students can develop into exceptional therapists who will go on to provide quality care after graduation.

Learn More About Our Clinical Observation and Student Experience

If you’re a student looking for a clinical experience, you should choose Upstream Rehabilitation as your next clinical site. Are you a school contact interested in setting your students up for success. Contact our student programs team to learn more about our clinical rotations or visit our Student Resource Center. You can also reach out to our student programs team directly at: .

Contact our team and learn more about how you can setup a clinical affiliation with Upstream Rehabilitation.