Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country as millions are choosing to move to a state with warm weather year-round or have moved to pursue new work opportunities as the state sees significant investment from large organizations. The demand for physical therapy is also on the rise in the state as employers like Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands continue to grow and see expansion to provide much-needed care within the growing communities in the state.

Take a look at some of the many highlights for the state of Texas and see why you should elevate your physical therapy career in Texas with Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands!

Football Means More

If you’re a fan of sports, you’ll fit right in with the state of Texas. All sports are popular within the state, but perhaps none more so than football. All levels of football, from peewee to the pros, have enthusiastic fans who eat, sleep, and breathe football. If you’re a passionate football fan, you can’t go wrong moving to the state of Texas for your physical therapy career as you’ll have an abundant amount of opportunities to both enjoy the entertainment and treat some of the premier athletes in the sport who call Texas their home.

Booming Economy

Another interesting tidbit about Texas is that it has a booming economy. In recent years, many large organizations have chosen to relocate their corporate offices to the state because of the tax incentives for companies. This means that new companies are moving in or they’re choosing to expand their existing foothold with new investments.

Texas has the second largest economy in the country, second only to California.

If you’re looking to begin your career or continue your physical therapy career in a state with a growing economy and continual investment from organizations both big and small, you can’t go wrong with a PT career in Texas.

Affordable Living in Many Areas

Aside from many of the larger cities that have seen significant growth over the last several years, there are still many pockets throughout the state that have affordable living for individuals who are looking to move from high cost of living states to Texas. One can expect a higher cost of living the closer they are to the hub cities, but there are plenty of areas neighboring many of the larger cities that offer affordable living opportunities where housing costs aren’t as high. As costs continue to rise across the country, pursuing a PT career in a state that’s growing and offers affordable living options is important for many individuals.

Entertainment and Recreation

Texas is home to an abundant amount of entertainment and recreation activities as well. On any given night, there are loads of things for you to go out and do, watch, eat, listen to, or enjoy. From the state’s well-known barbecue competitions to country music concerts, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy on any given night or weekend.

Pursue a Physical Therapy Career in Texas with Upstream Rehabilitation!

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country for good reason and if you’re looking to elevate your PT career in a popular state, then you can’t go wrong pursuing a physical therapy role with Upstream and our family of brands in the state. Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands have many locations across the state of Texas and we continue to expand each year.

Pursue a physical therapy career with Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands in the state of Texas!


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