Louisiana is known for many things but it is most famous for its rich culture, fine cuisine, and diverse landscape. Whether you’re looking for your next physical therapy career in Louisiana or you’re eager to get a fresh bowl of authentic Gumbo, there are plenty of things to love about the state of Louisiana. Take a look at some of the many reasons you should consider pursing a physical therapy role in Louisiana with Upstream Rehabilitation.

Strong Labor Market and Demand for Physical Therapists

One of the great things about pursuing a career in Louisiana for clinical and non-clinical physical therapy roles is that there is a strong labor market and demand for physical therapists. Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands are actively hiring in the state of Louisiana for both clinical and non-clinical roles.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Louisiana is also more affordable than other parts of the country. According to RentCafe, when compared with the national average, Louisiana is 7% lower overall than the national average. Housing is 13% lower, food is 3% lower, utilities are 13% lower, transportation is 5% lower, and goods and services are 2% lower as well. For those individuals who are looking to build their career or relocate to a state with a more affordable cost of living, then you can’t go wrong with the state of Louisiana.

Outdoor Scenery

Another great thing about choosing to elevate your physical therapy career in the state of Louisiana is that the state is home to some of the most beautiful scenes in the country. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy spending time in the Kisatchie National Forest, Atchafalaya Basin, and Lake Pontchartrain. If you enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, or other recreational outdoor activities, there’ll be something for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Interesting Facts About Louisiana

Louisiana isn’t without other interesting facts as well. Did you know that Louisiana is considered to be the birthplace of jazz music? Or that it’s also home to the world’s longest bridge over water? Louisiana is also home to some of the best food and music in the country which are also main attractions aside from the famous Mardi Gras celebration.

Pursue Physical Therapy Roles in Louisiana with Upstream Rehabilitation

Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands across the nation are actively hiring for physical therapy roles in both clinical and non-clinical positions. Whether you’re a new grad or seasoned professional looking to elevate your career and you’re eager to make a difference in someone else’s life, then you should choose Upstream Rehabilitation as your employer of choice.

Browse and apply to open physical therapy job postings with Upstream Rehabilitation in clinical and non-clinical physical therapy roles across the nation and in the state of Louisiana!


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