As the healthcare industry continues to see increased demand for qualified healthcare professionals to provide much-needed care, Upstream Rehabilitation and our team are ready to meet the challenge to help make a difference in our patients’ lives.

In our continuation of our meet the leadership team series, hear what inspires our Chief Clinical Officer and why he enjoys working at Upstream Rehabilitation.


Craig O’Neil, Chief Clinical Officer

I’m Craig O’Neil, Physical Therapist and Chief Clinical Officer for Upstream Rehabilitation. While I’m relatively new to the Upstream family, I’ve been a physical therapist for more than 27 years. I spent most of my career focusing on patient care, clinical education programs, clinician development, and system-wide clinical outcomes. Before joining Upstream, I was the Chief Clinical Officer for Results Physiotherapy and I’ve served in various roles for PT companies in the past, including Vice President of Education and Director of Program Development.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time outside with my wife and three kids, and I love to hit the trails on my mountain bike. One of my greatest passions is music, running the dogs out of the house playing my guitar really loud.

I’m proud to work for Upstream because our clinicians nationwide are motivated and well-trained to deliver high-quality therapy, and a safe and effective solution for people with pain and impairments. In my role as a CCO, I look forward to overseeing new innovations that continue to position our PTs and OTs as trusted providers in patient-centered care. I’m also motivated to make sure patients get the right amount of therapy at the right time, to allow quick recovery and restore functionality. And I believe that the future of rehabilitation is better than ever, as we continue to develop and implement systems to drive best-in-class outcomes.

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