Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands are committed to helping our associates meet all of their professional and personal goals. As the country’s largest dedicated outpatient physical therapy provider with over 1,200 locations nationwide, we offer the chance for entry-level and seasoned professionals to build a career and advance with professional development and personal growth opportunities. One of the ways we work to empower our associates and clinicians is through our career tracks.

Take a look at some of the career tracks with Upstream Rehabilitation, and see why you should advance your career with the country’s largest outpatient pure-play physical therapy provider.

Clinical Excellence

We offer multiple routes for those who are looking to improve their clinical skills and knowledge. Clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do at Upstream Rehabilitation. We strive to develop industry-leading clinicians so we can provide the best care we can for our patients. Our commitment to clinical excellence starts with industry-leading continuing education courses and continues through structured clinical career tracks that inspire professional development and personal growth opportunities.

We have multiple different clinical development tracks for clinicians and associates based on their experience. Our industry-leading clinician development program provides evidence-based continuing education tracks, residency, fellowship, and advanced certification opportunities through our IAMT and URI programs. Whether you desire the structure of a formalized residency program or you wish to move at your own pace, we have you covered. Wherever you want your clinical goals to lead you, we will help you create the path to get you there.


Do you have a passion for leading others and helping them succeed in their goals? If so, Upstream Rehabilitation has you covered. We’re committed to the growth and success of our most valuable resources — our people and our communities. Upstream Rehabilitation provides opportunities for clinicians who have a passion for leading others through leadership development training, mentoring, and career advancement opportunities through various leadership roles.

We offer leadership development tracks for those individuals who are looking to become great leaders in our clinics and for our company in mature clinics and de novo partnership opportunities. We work to develop our leaders through clinic director and leadership training programs which help cultivate the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be a successful leader in the Upstream family of brands.

Leadership starts from the individual level and to be a great leader you need to lead yourself. Through our START program, an independent self-study, or our GROW track, which is 3 levels of leadership development in a small group setting, individuals can learn to lead themselves and others. In addition, we have business-specific leadership development for people interested in managing a clinic including Clinic Director and de novo partnership training.


One of the most important responsibilities we have is to inform and educate members of our community on the benefits physical therapy can provide. In the advocacy career track with Upstream Rehabilitation, you will work to develop your advocacy interest with other like-minded individuals who are looking to make an impact in the community and in the physical therapy profession as a whole.

You’ll be an advocate for the physical therapy profession by getting involved with the local legislation, state board, and other similar community events in your area. You’ll work to promote physical therapy services and the profession to patients, referral sources, healthcare providers, athletes, and local sports teams. You’ll also work to get involved in your local community through community-based events, at local clubs and gyms, health and wellness fairs, and through our pillars with purpose initiative.


Inspiring the next generation of great clinicians often starts with world-class clinicianswho can pass their knowledge on to others. If you’re passionate about helping clinicians become the best they can be and are looking for ways to inspire and mentor new grads and experienced clinicians to work towards superior clinical outcomes, then you should consider the teaching track at Upstream Rehabilitation. One of the great things about working at Upstream is that new grad clinicians are paired with mentors who can help them improve their clinical reasoning skills, improve their confidence with different treatment approaches, and develop their manual therapy techniques.

Individuals also have the opportunity to mentor students and can work up to mentorship opportunities for residents and fellows. Teaching and mentoring positions are also available to help engage our newest professionals who are entering the field to help them achieve excellence. For those that are passionate about pursuing additional teaching opportunities, we have a variety of programs that are continuously expanding with opportunities tod o virtual or live formal teaching instruction.

Progressing through the teaching track at Upstream Rehabilitation allows you to develop and advance through the physical therapy profession and be a part of developing world-class clinicians in the industry.


Are you passionate about research and being on the cutting edge when it comes to new treatment methods, answering clinical questions, and helping to push the industry forward? If so, the research track at Upstream might be the career track for you. With the research track, you’ll be presented with clinical research opportunities through the URI residency/fellowship programs. You’ll have opportunities to both investigate research questions as a principal investigator or to simply participate in data collection as a staff physical therapist.

Build Your Career with Upstream Rehabilitation

Upstream Rehabilitation and our family of brands are growing nationwide. As the largest pure-play outpatient physical therapy provider in the United States, we’re committed to helping our associates grow on a personal and professional level. If you’re passionate about advancing your career and interested in pursuing new development and personal growth opportunities, you should consider working with Upstream Rehabilitation and pursuing one of the many career tracks we’ve outlined above.

At Upstream, we’re committed to the growth and success of our most valuable resources, and we’d love to have you join our team. Browse and apply to our open physical therapy job postings today and elevate your career with Upstream Rehabilitation!


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